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Calories to Lose Weight

By deciding you want to take 10 minutes and do some activity you can know ahead of time just how many calories you will burn by using the Calories Burned Calculator. What’s so great about this is you can decide exactly how much weight you want to lose and when. This little interactive tool puts you right in the driver’s seat.

Calories in and calories out, THIS CALCULATOR looks at calories out. If you are trying to lose weight or just curious about an activity just punch in the numbers and select the activity of choice.

Often we plan our days around how much we are expecting to consume for calories as a form of weight control, but now you can plan your activities too.

For instruction on how the Calorie Burned Calculator works just watch the video on the Reach Your Goal Weight Doing Every Day Things page.

You can even keep a journal and count all of the calories burned in your daily activities as well as all of your fitness and sports activities.

Planning your calorie burning activity is a way of balancing out your day.

    “Desk Exercises – How to Exercise at Work”

You have heard the fitness world suggest adding activities to your life, like “take the stairs at work”, or “park your car far from the door” and did you wonder how much was this really worth, this one little activity, does it really make a difference?

Yes it does and now you can prove it and plan it. It’s all in the math, if you consume a calorie and burn a calorie, your weight will stay the same. Enter your information into the Calories Burned Calculator below and you will be given the approximate number of calories you will burn during a particular activity.

This way you can take the mystery out of your daily caloric needs so you will be able to more accurately predict your weight loss.

Just remember when you burn off a pound of stored fat your released 3500 calories. See? Math is fun!

Go here for a very excellent calorie burned calculator

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