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Ways to increase Energy
You know you would exercise if you just felt like it right? But you are tired. Every time you start to do any form of fitness you just get pooped. And that certainly sucks out any motivation you might have had to move off the couch.

Some of the more common reasons why people have no energy for a workout is (in no particular order) – lack of adequate sleep, not enough of the right foods, over training, bored, and stressed out.

Maybe you recognize a couple of those?

Foods that give Energy

First thing to look at is food; and that’s because as a new exerciser I am also going to guess you have made some changes to your diet too.

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If you are on the path to health and fitness then your body requires a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates. Opting for a low carb diet and trying to match that up with a fitness regime in the hopes to lose weight faster will most likely just burn you out.

Commonly novice wellness participants seem to feel they need to shed a bunch of weight really fast. Part of this is impatience caused by the fact that now you have made this difficult decision you just want it over with.

Certainly understandable.

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But if you take a minute to think about it – the people you are trying to emulate, the ones you want to look like aren’t dieting or exercising that way. Why would you?

Eat healthily and be sure you have enough healthy carbs in your daily meal, which may mean a little carb boost before you head to the gym too.

Another common mistake is not enough protein. When you are exercising your muscles need protein to keep healthy and rebuild after a tough workout.

Always Tired no Energy

Sleep disturbances can cause you to be tired.

When you are starting out on new exercise regime you might find you need more rest than before. Sleeping is when your body is working to repair itself using all the good food and oxygen you gave it throughout the day. Sometimes you will feel tired for a few weeks at the beginning of a new fitness regime.

Just assess what you are doing and if you are doing too much – maybe slow it down a little, but if you aren’t, try to get more rest and give yourself a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to the new activities. Did you see your Dr. before you started on this new road to fitness? If not and you are concerned, perhaps a check up might be in order.

No Energy to exercise
Boredom makes you tired. Are you bored, bored with your workouts, your food, your goal? There are several things you can do to kick it up to build your pre-workout energy. Maybe all you need is just a new, bigger goal.

Put some excitement into your life!

If you’ve been down this diet road before and are into the 2nd or 3rd week you could be stalling out because you already ‘know how it ends’. You are bored with it already – even before you have reached your goal. Possibly this means you need a bigger and better and more exciting goal.

If your goal starts with the words “I just wanna…” maybe take a day or two to reassess. Come up with something that starts with “I really wanna…”

For example if you currently think you “just wanna – fit into that dress for the wedding” your goal is achieved on a particular day and then you have no place to go after that. All your hard work put into one little event. Try to look beyond that date and what else do you see for yourself? Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? What about really getting behind the knowledge of health and fitness and becoming a trainer yourself? Maybe you have wanted to take up horseback riding, or skiing, or other activities that require a fit body.

Dig a little deeper into your desires and give yourself permission to BE that person. Being healthy and fit doesn’t have to have a “best before” date. Guaranteed once you decide you “really wanna…” your excitement will push away any boredom.

Lack of energy caused by;


Family, job, economics, politics, and the environment. So many reasons to be stressed and they all take a toll on your health.

Make the decision to look at the time you spend eating a healthy meal or working out as a time to take a break from your worries. This is a time for your brain to just free-fall.

When you are troubled your brain emits natural chemicals that when present in quantity or over a duration of time can become harmful to you and your body. On the opposite end, when you eat healthy and exercise there are different chemicals emitted by your brain that are pleasurable and healing.

By giving yourself permission to not worry your troubles during these times you will be giving yourself a better chance of benefiting from the ‘good’ chemicals your body is producing. Plus – by giving your brain a break – it might just come up with a few real solutions for your troubles.

Hydration – Drink lots of water and it will help you with your weight loss and alertness as well as fend off feeling of hunger. Read more about losing weight drinking water.

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