Office Chair Exercise

When I first saw this piece of under desk exercise equipment I thought it was just for the legs. On closer inspection I see that this can be a great total body chair exercise equipment.

The resistance bands are there to work your arms, back, and shoulders using a variety of resistant band exercises. Set the InStride Foldaway Step ‘n Tone under your desk and pump away to work your legs and burn calories while you are working.

Push your chair back and grab the resistance bands and do arm exercises at the same time. Seated in an upright position and the movement of your legs will also work your abdominal muscles.

Even if you do belong to a gym and go a few times a week, when your workday has you seated for long periods of time the blood in your legs doesn’t circulate as well. Just by moving your legs under your desk you will be pumping blood into your legs and providing your body with oxygen rich blood. Not only are you burning calories and toning your thighs, you will be more alert and productive for your work.

Weighting only 8 pounds this is definitely a portable leg exerciser.

Upperbody workouts you can get from being seated in your chair can be several resistant band exercises that can be modified for the seated position. You can get an upper body workout that includes bicep, tricep, upper back, lower back, shoulders and abdominals.

One thing to be mindful of – you won’t effectively use this with your wheeled office chair.

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Sitting Chair Exercises

Exercises at work will happen more readily if you have something already planned out to do with your workday. For example you can be slowly pumping your legs while you are working at your computer and set a timer for every 55 minutes. When the timer goes off you just push back from your desk, increase the intensity of your leg workout and do one or two resistance arm workouts. This will ensure you get the maximum in your workday but not take anytime away from your work.

If you are concerned about those five minutes you can use that time to check your emails and voice mails. You can read and listen and still move your arms.

This is not necessarily confined to workout at work either. Designed for seated exercising you can use it watching TV at home too. Another great way to fit exercise into the day. How many times have you come home with the intention of going to the gym or even just for a walk – but never got out the door again. Keeping this by the couch may just be the cure.

Seated exercises are also suited for people with limited mobility or who tire easily. Recovering from an injury your rehab specialist may like the idea or persons who are obese and are unable to stand for long periods. There is no need to forgo exercising when there are many functional and effective exercises a person can do while seated.

Exercise while sitting will still burn calories and tone muscles. Find out more about the InStride Foldaway Step ‘n Tone

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