Stomach Crunches

Stomach Crunch

In this video SEE BELOW she shows you how to do a regular style stomach crunch with a slight difference to help you keep your hips in good position and another for of abdominal exercise. Pay close attention to her instruction on how to protect your neck during these movements.

How to Get a Six Pack

Crunches on the ball;
The stability ball can be a little tricky if you aren’t used to it. So if you are new get close to a chair or the wall for stability if you need it and then just try sitting on it then lifting one foot. Hold that position for about 30 seconds. Keep your back straight – believe it or not this is actually working your abs! Now lift the other foot for 30 seconds.

When you find that easy then sit on the ball and walk out so your butt rolls down the ball and the ball rolls up your back. Stop when your lower back is on the ball and fold your arms over your chest. Keep your legs bent so your shins are perpendicular and your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Engage your abdominal muscles and slowly raise your torso a few inches. You need not get into a full situp position but want to keep your stomach muscles working. This means when you lay back on the ball you don’t swing back and bounce off the ball. Slowly raise and slowly lower and keep the muscles engaged at all times.

As this gets easier you can move your arms so your hands are at your ears or over head.

Incline Crunches;
Using an incline bench hook your feet under the pads and if you are on one of the old school benches, make sure your knees are bent. With your arms crossed your chest slowly raise your torso and direct your chest toward your knees. Don’t complete the movement so you maintain muscle engagement in your abdominals.

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Slowly raise your torso and slowly lower your torso back towards the bench but – don’t let your shoulders touch – keep your stomach tight and raise towards your knees again.

Again, as this gets easier – change where you put your hands / arms.

Reverse crunches;
I like doing this with an exercise ball gripped between my ankles. To do this movement grab the ball and raise it up with a slight bend in your knees. When you lower your legs don’t allow the ball to touch the floor, hold for a second and then raise the ball again. Repeat.

The final methods needed to get your 6 pack is cardio activity and a good healthy diet. A proper nutritious diet to keep you energized and to help you to burn off the fat around your abdominal area.

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