Weight Loss Team Names

You could just give yourself colours or numbers if you wanted to. There is a lot of fun to picking names though and in some cases have great meaning to the people on the teams.

Perhaps you want to commemorate an event or a particular person. Picking a name that inspires the group may encourage more focused participation.

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If you have started your own Weight Loss Competition at work or with friends, you probably will be dividing up into teams and picking your weight loss team names.

Funny Weight Loss Team Names

Picking a funny name makes for great fun to print up on t-shirts or pinnies. Things like: Wii-Win, Weapon of Mass Reduction, Waist Removal, or Waist Not.

Keep the names light and don’t insult yourselves with negative terms.

Other weight loss team names could be about the company you work for or the department your team is in.

Weight Loss Team Name’s for the Workplace

– If you worked for a discount store you could be Half off.
– Net Loss for the accounting department.
– Fit to be Tied for a wedding or tuxedo company.
– Re-Bootie, Del-eat or No-Spam for the IT department.
– Air Force competing with the Navy could be the B-4’s and Aft’s.
– Wuthering Weights for the literary or copyright department.
– Bottoms Out for the machining department.

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Picking team names for weight loss challenge can get fun and silly so enjoy the process. You might want to think about having a few flyers and a t-shirt for everyone too.

Have fun with it but don’t insult anyone – especially your boss if this is a Weight Loss at Work Competition. You wouldn’t want to call it “Doug-be-Gone” if his name was Doug.

Another way to come up with team name ideas is to brain storm using plays on words. Perhaps drawing on TV shows or movies, like Carrots of Fire, or maybe phrases that give you an acronym.

Whatever you chose you know you are going to have fun. Read more team weight loss competition ideas.

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